Choosing the best position on a blackjack table

Choosing the best position on a blackjack table

Although blackjack has always been a popular card game in casinos, it became a major product in the 1960s and 1970s. Indeed, from that time on, players who managed to win a lot of money developed effective strategies. Since then, advice, skills, tactics and other gambling skills have multiplied. Some of them are interested in the location around the blackjack table. More specifically about choosing the best position on a blackjack table. They believe that our position will affect our chances of beating the bank. We can try it by playing demo versions online on Casinos Jungle. In the meantime, let’s focus on these multiple position based theories.

The Place Playing on the Dealer’s Cards

On the blackjack table, there are 7 slots that allow as many players as possible to face the dealer. Some people think that you have to choose your seat wisely to win more money. Those who support this theory say that the table should be avoided in the left-most position before the dealer. Indeed, they believe that in this position, the player is affected by the cards drawn by the dealer, thus affecting the chances of winning the entire table.

The position to catch a glimpse of the dealer’s second card

Conversely, there will be a preferred location. It’s the middle of the table, right in front of the dealer. This will make it easier to use the front loading method. The latter is when the dealer tries to see the co-host’s hidden card. Other players like to use other similar techniques. This is the first foundation and the third foundation. In both cases, try to grab the dealer’s hidden card. For this reason, it is recommended to sit in the rightmost position, which is first, or the leftmost position, which is last. Many people object to this.

A space reserved for card counters

Some card counters are also very interested in these issues around the blackjack table. Again, there are different opinions. Most experts in the field say that we should focus on the last seat, i.e. the left-most seat is before the dealer. The reason is easy to understand and seems very logical. Sitting away from the first player, we will play in the last player. Therefore, once we receive our card, we can choose our option by updating the number of extra cards in front.

This hypothetical vision cannot convince all experts. Indeed, some people think that if you move to the last position, the other players will have too much influence on the account, thus reducing the advantage gained in the previous round. It is precisely for this reason that they prefer the seat furthest to the right, i.e. the first one. However, in this position it is better to calculate the count quickly. This is why others say that beginners should avoid using this position.

Seats to avoid on a blackjack table

These strategies are usually difficult to master and require a lot of practical time. However, according to some players, the strategy is not just about counting cards. Your position on the blackjack table will also affect your chances of beating the dealer. Therefore, before you embark on the extremely complex and tedious process of learning how to count cards, please try this method.

The blackjack table has 7 boxes and can be played by up to 7 players. This way you can choose 7 positions around the blackjack table. First of all, please note that some blackjack players will avoid the left-most seat at the table, which is the seat before the dealer. Obviously, some players feel that in this location, the player is responsible for the cards drawn by the host, so this will affect the chances of winning the entire table.